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        請將求職文件直接發送到: boltingchina@hotmail.com





        We are interested in new talents to support us actively. Together with our team it is to extend and sustainably safeguard the longstanding success of our company and our market leadership position. To do this we look for dedicated, motivated and independent employees.


        Our offer

        First priority at boliting is the compliance with the highest quality standards with all services. We provide a pleasant and friendly working atmosphere in a medium-sized company, yet with international flair due to global activities. Particularly with the constant market enlargement of the bolting products there is room for the personal development of the individual and sufficient scope to bring in own, creative ideas.


        Your chance:

        We provide a complete support concept to our customers - in our competence center in Ingolstadt ideas are developed and brought to life. Development, production and administration, as well as the final coordination of distribution through our sales representatives and trading partners are here. We also provide competent and reliable service to our customers in the after-sale phase. We are therefore always looking for employees for all company units: from professional sales employee, to technician, to student trainee in marketing.


        Are you interested? Please send your job application with all documentation to boltingchina@hotmail.com.


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